According to Paul G. Stoltz, PhD, "success can be defined as the degree to which one moves forward and upward [much like a mountain climber], progressing in one's lifelong mission, despite all obstacles or other forms of adversity." We each react differently in how we perceive and deal with adversity.

People who are resilient have the best chances of succeeding in life, by staying positive and focused on achieving their goals, and fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Being resilient is one of the most important emotional intelligence competencies you can posses in today's fast-paced world. What follows is a list of some of the key attributes of resilient people.

People who are most resilient:

Have a deep sense of purpose and passion for what they do and find meaning as well as purpose in their struggles.
Have strong faith in something bigger than them.
Can self-reflect and gain wisdom from their experiences and know who they are without exaggeration or fantasy.
Keep reserves of energy built up with regular periods of rest, reflection, and renewal.
Have people they can depend upon and who know and love them as they are.
Build their day around rewarding and high pay-off activities.
Use their peak time effectively and attack high priority items at the time of day they are most mentally sharp and alert.
Know their feelings, label them correctly and express them routinely to others.
Are emotionally and physically flexible enough to recover from disappointment and fatigue. They select new paths to follow; even if that means temporarily moving backward or sideways to eventually move forward again to continue their pursuits.
Know when they need help and don't hesitate to get it.
Good luck to you on your journey to success.