One of the most transformative shifts that we can make is a firm decision to change a something in our lives. This could be setting a different goal for the future, changing a process for your business, implementing a new strategy or having more time with your family.

Making a decision to do something different will change the future outcome.

Deciding to do something is a game changer. The moment we decide on something we have taken ourselves out of limbo and moved our lives to a different place.

Just deciding is powerful

Just deciding even before you create and implement a plan will change everything. It changes what you do, how you think, what you expect and how you feel.

So what is a decision?

According to the dictionary the definition of the word decision is:

1 - A position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration

2 - The act of making up your mind about something

3 - Firmness of purpose or character; determination

It is from the Latin word dēcīsiō, and it literally means to cut off. It means that you have cut off other options and you are no longer going to be directed in different directions. The decision becomes the outcome.

This means that you no longer are going to waffle. You have singleness of purpose. You know where you are heading and you are fully committed to your desired results.

There will be fear and resistance along the way. Your plan may not go smoothly for a while. Your plan may not go smoothly at all. Some of the details of how you are going to implement the new goal will change and be refined.

But – the end game is the same. You will get there soon enough.

I have found in my coaching practice that people are thrown off course because they don’t know how to bridge the gap between where they are and where they are going.

They get discouraged and questioned their abilities. They question the decision.

This is the point where many people want to give up.

Don’t do it. The goal is still the same. Stand by your decision.

Make a decision right now to have the life that you want and claim it as your own. Once the decision is made your life has been altered. What is left to do is getting there. Those are just the details. The details effect how long it will take you to implement your plan, how you will implement it, how much it will cost you in terms of time and energy, but make no mistake the decision is made.

So what are you putting up with?

What decisions do you need to make today?