What is it about Peak Performers that captivates our attention? Biographies are written about them, television programs are produced about them, and magazines are published featuring stories about them. I believe that we like discovering the fact that these peak performers are ordinary people who have learned to create the life they want and live the life of their choosing. If they can do it, so can we.

This month's issue of Champions focuses on the seven qualities that peak performers have in common, according to the Work & Family Institute. I hope that you enjoy reading, "The Seven Secrets of Peak Performers."

Vision-A vision provides a detailed mental picture of the future you want to create for yourself. Your vision is set in the future, but expressed as if it was already achieved. In thinking about your vision, describe the;

Things you have achieved
Relationships you have
Impact you are having
The way you are experiencing the freedom(s) you desire
Ways in which you are having fun
Ways in which you have achieved balance in your life
Fulfillment you feel for what you have achieved and accomplished
Focus-Focus is linked to Vision. If Vision sets the path and the goal, then focus keeps you on the path. Focus helps you to direct more energy toward the goal(s) you have selected. A good question to ask yourself each day is, what can I do today that will move me one step closer to the goal(s) I have set for myself?"

Values-Values are those personally held beliefs that determine how you travel the path towards achieving your goals. Any goal you select that is not in alignment with your values is in grave jeopardy of not being accomplished. When that little voice in the back of your head whispers in your ear, "This doesn't feel right," take notice. Reevaluate your motives and make any course corrections that are necessary to realign your goals with your personal values.

Passion-It's been said that once a peak performer learns to harness their passion, they will have a boundless source of energy to keep them going. I would add that passion and a deep down belief in their ability to attain their goal(s) are inseparable qualities. Passion for the path one has chosen and the belief it is possible to achieve it will conquer all adversities.

Emotional Intelligence-What a hot topic this has become today. According to Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, emotional intelligence is defined as, "an awareness of and ability to manage emotions and create motivation." The skills of emotional intelligence are often described as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, organizational awareness, and social skills. If you would like to improve in any of these areas, check out your local bookstore and pick up any of the many books that are available on this important topic.

Balance-Too much of any one thing can have the opposite result you're looking for. The topic of balance, or better stated, lack of balance is one topic that comes up over and over again in my coaching practice. Lack of balance can cause burnout and it takes the joy out of what used to be pleasurable activities. Balance helps to give us perspective. It keeps our mind fresh. Balance also leads into the seventh secret, resiliency.

Resiliency-The ability to bounce back, stay fresh, and to keep one's perspective during difficult times and situations is another common trait that peak performers possess. How you react to a situation has great impact upon this trait. The old adage of seeing the glass half full or half empty is really true. What we think about any given situation or circumstance gets internalized into our very being. Once internalized, our thoughts and actions will act as a magnet to manifest what we told ourselves about the situation. The best example of this is hanging around someone who is negative. They can ruin your good mood in an instant, just by altering your thoughts.

So, are you up to the challenge of becoming a peak performer? If you are, reflect upon these seven secrets and work on improving yourself in each one. By putting your attention in a positive way on making the improvements you want, will bring about the changes you desire.

Good luck to you on your journey to success.