It has been my experience that most people who make New Year's resolutions don't achieve the vast majority of them.

Is that true for you as well? We start the year with ambitious goals and wonderful expectations, yet not even before January comes to an end we find ourselves off-track. Why is this phenomenon an almost universally common experience? I believe it is true because most resolutions are merely ought to's, should do's or nice to do's. They are merely a hopeful wish list.

Make this year different. Here's how. Ask yourself this question, "If there is only ONE THING that I can do differently this year that would make all the difference in the world to having me achieve my goals, what would that ONE THING be?"

By asking the question in this way, you eliminate the hopeful wish list of to do's and cut to the chase of what is truly important and what will yield significant results.

Once you have identified the "ONE THING," create a very specific game plan that includes all of the measurable step-by-step actions you must take as well as the target dates to achieve each step in order to achieve your goal. Review your action plan every day and track your progress. Make fine tuning adjustments when necessary.

Instead of creating a long list of resolutions, limit your list to just one or two resolutions using the method described above. By remaining focused you stand a much greater chance of achieving success.

Consider using this process for each quarter of the year. You will be amazed at just how much you will be able to achieve.

So forget about those wimpy resolutions. Here is my advice:

Make your resolution(s) significant (the ONE THING).
Keep your list short.
Create measurable action plans for their achievement.
Review your plan daily.
Make adjustments when necessary.
Celebrate accomplishments both big and small along the way.
Repeat the process on a quarterly basis.
Good luck on your journey to success.