Do you want to give yourself an edge when attempting to grow or change? Then consider designing environments that will support you. Success comes quicker and easier when you're not fighting uphill battles or constantly clearing obstacles that get in your way.

What Is An Environment?
An environment is a part of your daily experience and can be both tangible and intangible. People, who strive to improve themselves, their businesses, or careers, will most often just focus on themselves as the source of their success or failure. By designing environments that support growth and change, you can set up a system that can help you to automatically move toward a more effortless success.

Environments Can:

Stimulate success. They can take care of routine tasks and support you in doing things you need to do to stimulate your success.
Do the work for you. From automated bill paying to task reminders, they can take care of time consuming details and activities so you are free to do other things.
Inspire creativity. You can increase your creativity and inspiration by setting up your environment so that you are constantly engaged by and in the company of what inspires you.
Make Environments Meaningful To You
The trick with designing environments that really work is to create a profound relationship with the environment. Samples of environments can include; family, friends, nature, knowledge, workspace, structured deadlines, mission/vision/inspiration, systems/automation, goals, and activities, just to name a few.

Food for Thought
What's an example of an environment that might work for you? What makes it empowering or inspirational? How would investing time and energy in designing this environment benefit you?